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Discover that welcome home feeling, with peace of mind.

55% of loans in Australia are done through reputable mortgage brokers, who offer choice, competition and service. Whether it’s your first or forever home, don’t miss out.


When it comes to finance, I can highly recommend Arman from Clarity Home Loans.

He has been working as a senior broker for many years now, so he has a wealth of experience and knows the various loan products inside and out. They are paid by the banks, not the buyer, so there is no additional cost to you. Unlike mortgage brokers at many other firms, thebrokers at Clarity are paid a base salary and can earn bonuses that are identical regardless of which lender is chosen, so there is no bias when making lender recommendations which ensures they will always act in the best interest of their clients.

As a long-established company with many high-volume loan writers, the brokers at Clarity are highly respected within the industry and have direct access to high level relationships within the lending institutions. Arman and his team can negotiate on your behalf discounts off the typical interest rates offered and deliver faster approvals than many other brokers due to these strong associations.

Even if you have a pre-approval in place with a lender or via a broker, I absolutely encourage you to spend half an hour with Arman for a second opinion to make sure you are not only getting the best deal available, but to also ensure you partner with a team that is going to make the next stage of your buying experience as stress free as possible.

Why use Arman and his team?

Brokers offer choice, competition and service. For this reason, 55% of loans in Australia are done through mortgage brokers

The best interest rates in the market are definitely not with the major banks, they are generally the most expensive, with the most competitive rates being accessed through a broker’s lender panel

Brokers offer a broad range of innovative lending products

They are best placed to provide a second opinion on the most important financial decision most people will ever make which could save you thousands of dollars – on what is arguably the most important financial decision you will make in your life

They have a specialised team allowing faster and more efficient service than a single broker

They complete and submit all the paperwork to the bank and chase the loans progress with them

Their job is to help buyers obtain the best interest rate available

They will help with the first home owner grant, the stamp duty concession or the over 60s concession if applicable

They ensure buyers have the most appropriate loan structure as this can save thousands of dollars down the track when buying or selling next. Sometimes, the difference between buying first or selling first for some people can be big $

They do more than just offer a rate (like many bank lenders or other brokers) they provide advice, expertise, and guidance throughout the entire purchase journey

They deal with the bank after settlement and provide ongoing assistance throughout the life of the loan, which is helpful particularly if your circumstances change and you need adjustments to your loan or are considering switching to a more competitive rate

All Clarity brokers are paid a base salary and don’t earn commissions. The bonus they receive is the same regardless of the lender or loan product they recommend ensuring impartiality and that their primary focus is your best interest.


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