Our Super Power

The big deals are in the details.


We aren’t afraid to get down and dirty, hook into those nooks and crannies and delve deep in the nitty gritty.

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, a sales success story is never overnight. At Suburbia we know that it’s the prep that makes all the difference. So we’ve got you covered.

Project Mgmt Services

Project Mgmt Services

Buyer education program

We offer a free project management service for all our clients.

We take the stress out of selling your home, and replace it with a full fledged service that will deliver you the best result every time. Join Suburbia and tap into Canberra’s biggest network of designers, stylists, landscapers, painters, builders and photographers. Our team will design an activity calendar, field all the quotes, coordinate any touch-ups, and hold your hand through the entire production.

Pre-market preparation and staging

We’re obsessed with the little things.

Our agents live and breathe attention to detail. Late night phone calls, coordinating tradespeople and early morning inspections are all in a day’s work for our award-winning team who will do whatever it takes to secure the best price. Where other agents look for shortcuts, we spot opportunities.

Greatest Assets

We add value to your greatest asset.

We are here to help. Offering services ranging from:

-styling & staging
-general maintenance
-video shoots
-online prep
-building inspections
-working with solicitors
-gardening & landscaping